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Atomy members are classified into 5 different types of dealership, 
according to the total purchased volume and commission level received from the company.

● Class sequence and conditions

● 44% of entire sales PV will be distributed between the qualified members every week according to the rates in the table below:
DealershipSales RepAgentSpecial AgentDealerE.DE.DE.DE.D

Daily Performance

300 000PV<
300 000PV<

700 000PV<

1 500 000PV<

2 400 000PV<

6 000 000PV<

20 000 000PV<

50 000 000PV<
* ACC : Accumulate / < : More than
* We count the points that you earned daily from Wednesday to the following Tuesday, and pay on the Tuesday.

PurchasesDistribution RangeCriteria per gradeDistribution CriteriaDistribution Details
300 000PV <3 sub-lines1) Sales Rep : 10 sub-lines
2) Sales Master : 10 sub-lines
3) Diamond Master : 5 sub-lines
4) Beyond Sharon-Rose Master : Non
1) Cumulative Points
2) More than 300 000PV
3) No Roll-Up
4) Cumulative starts over again
   at the end of the month.
1) 2% of general Commission.
2) Bonus do not exceed 500,000KW by amount. 
3) Payment (same date as general
700 000PV <5 sub-lines
1500 000PV<7 sub-lines
2400 000PV<10 sub-lines

MastershipPrerequisiteRate of Masters’ Bonus
Sales MasterSpecial Agent with more than 2.5 million Group PV under each leg10% of total PV distributed equally to Sales Masters
Diamond MasterManager with minimum 2 Sales Masters under each leg5% of total PV distributed equally to Diamond Masters and higher Masterships
Sharon-Rose MasterDistributor with minimum 2 Diamond Masters under each leg2% of total PV distributed equally to Sharon-Rose Masters and higher Masterships
Star MasterDistributor with minimum 2 Sharon-Rose Masters under each leg1.2% of total PV distributed equally to Star Masters and higher Masterships
Royal MasterDistributor with minimum 2 Star Masters under each leg1% of total PV distributed equally to Royal Masters and higher Masterships
Crown MasterDistributor with minimum 2 Royal Masters under each leg0.5% of total PV distributed equally to Crown Masters and higher Masterships
Imperial MasterDistributor with minimum 2 Crown Masters under each leg0.3% of total PV distributed equally to Crown Masters
* Masters’ Bonus will be paid every 15th, and on the 7th day after the monthly closure.

● Terms of Promotion
Sales Master, Diamond Master, Sharon-Rose MasterNo restrictions on promotion1) No Conditions for continuous position maintenance
2) Unlimited Timeline(Only with valid membership status)
3)Simultaneous promotion of 2 levels is not permitted beyond Diamond Master level.
Star Master, Royal Master, 
Crown Master, Imperial Master
The member can be promoted from the 4th turn after he/she has maintained the same position 3 times.

Sales MasterAtomy Morning6 1set, HemoHIM+ 1set, Atomy evening 1 set
Diamond MasterLaptop Computer, Atomy Morning6 1set, HemoHIM+ 1set, Atomy evening 1 set
Sharon-Rose Master2 Million KW Cash, 2Travel Tickets
Star Master10 Million KW Cash, 4 Travel Tickets
Royal Master

50 Million KW Cash, 2 Million KW credit per month, HyunDai Grandeur 270 Class or equivalent, 
4 Travel Tickets to Europe (4nights 5days)

Crown Master300 Million KW Cash, 5 Million KW credit per month, HyunDai Equus 380 or equivalent, 
4 Travel Tickets to Europe (7nights 8days)
Imperial Master1,000 Million KW Cash, 10 Million KW Cash per month, Hyundai Equus Limo or equivalent, an office of 165 square meters with a personal secretary, a chauffeur, 4 Travel Ticket to Europe (7nights 8days)
1. Products are based on purchase price 
2. Travel Tickets: 800 000KW eq./person, and Europe Tickets: 4 million KW eq./person 
3. Car rental fee 1 million KW eq./month 
4. Luxury car: 63.7 million KW eq., (Crown Master) / Luxury car: 77.91 million KW eq. (Imperial Master)
5. Studio Apartment rental 2.5 million KW eq./month 
6. Assistant salary: 1.5 million KW eq./month, Driver salary: 2 million KW eq./month