Join Atomy membership (Philippines)

 ** The application process of Atomy Philippines is a little bit complicated like below ( 1 - 7 ).
     But do not worry. If you apply through this form, does it all for you !!
     Just 1. Fill-out this form and submit !!  2. Take a picture of your TIN card and email to     That's it.
  1. Get your sponsor’s ID and guest password.  You also need your sponsor’s next sponsor id.  
  2. Go to and click on Join and follow the process.
  3. Go to:  and click Login and put in your new Atomy ID # and Password.  Don’t include the “S” just put in the numbers.
  4. Click on the Announcement Board on the main page.
  5. Download “Verification Request Form” and print. (For both the TIN card holder and certificate holder)
  6. Fill out the form, read everything carefully and sign at the bottom of the form.
  •  For TIN Card holder:
    •      Place the TIN card in the box of the form and take a clear picture of the entire form with the card.
    •      Go to this site:
    •      Login with your Atomy ID # and password and upload the picture of the form.
  • For BIR TIN Certification holder:
    • Take a Photo or scan the following:
      1. Verification Request Form. (Place your government issued photo ID card on the form. Photo and basic info must be shown on the ID card
      2. BIR TIN Certification
    • Go to this site:
    • Login with your Atomy ID # and password and click on “Verify by Tax Identification Number Certification”.
    • Upload the picture of the Verification Form and TIN Certification and click OK.
    7The verification will take 3-5 working days after submission.  Once Atomy authorizes the verification, a confirmation email will be sent.

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< This site is for the people who want to be a Atomy member but do not have any sponsor. So if you have a sponsor in mind or  want to register a down-line under you, please go to >