Atomy members are classified into 5 different types of dealership,

according to the total purchased volume and commission level received from the company.

● Class sequence and conditions

● 44% of entire sales PV will be distributed between the qualified members every week according to the rates in the table below:* ACC : Accumulate / < : More than

* We count the points that you earned daily from Wednesday to the following Tuesday, and pay on the Tuesday.

* Masters’ Bonus will be paid every 15th, and on the 7th day after the monthly closure.

● Terms of Promotion

1. Products are based on purchase price

2. Travel Tickets: 800 000KW eq./person, and Europe Tickets: 4 million KW eq./person

3. Car rental fee 1 million KW eq./month

4. Luxury car: 63.7 million KW eq., (Crown Master) / Luxury car: 77.91 million KW eq. (Imperial Master)

5. Studio Apartment rental 2.5 million KW eq./month

6. Assistant salary: 1.5 million KW eq./month, Driver salary: 2 million KW eq./month